Adidas Hi Energy campaign

Date: 03/02/2021
Client: Adidas
Venue: Intersport
Subject: RUNNING CAMPAIGN (Ultra Boost)

The campaign ran in two stores of the Intersport chain of sports stores, Ermou and Athens Mall. It included:


  1. Showcase decoration
  • Transparent stickers on the glass with white and four-color printing, die-cut.
  • Construction of wooden pedestal with sticker lining and plexiglass shoe base.
  • Backdrop construction.
  1. In-store display. Construction of Floor Projection
  • Wooden box back with sticker lining
  • Self-supporting composition of colored plexiglass with shape cutting.
  • Shoe pedestal construction with internal led lighting
  1. Floor graphics
  • 1mm PVC with four-color printing and floor graphic lamination.
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